Comedian's South Jersey quarantine video goes viral

ByJessica Gonzalez WPVI logo
Friday, May 15, 2020
'South Jersey Boyfriend' speaks to 6abc
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Sarah Bloomquist caught up with the 'South Jersey Boyfriend' to talk about his popular video.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Pork roll, the Eagles, wooder ice, Tastykake and Action News. What more do you need to get through the quarantine?

That's some of the supplies a South Jersey native highlighted in his now-viral social-distancing video.

Dom Nero grew up in Haddon Township, New Jersey. His parents are from Philadelphia.

The title of the video is "Trapped in quarantine with your South Jersey boyfriend."

Nero worked with his brother, Vince, to come up with the parody of a stereotypical South Jersey guy-- and it is really resonating online.

He is quarantining with his girlfriend, Maria, in Brooklyn.

Sarah Bloomquist talked to them this afternoon.

"I asked Maria to help me shoot this video and she obliged. Thankfully. And Vince and I had been throwing out these ideas for awhile writing out these little references. We had to get Cherry Hill Nissan in there. We had to get the Action News theme song. I did have a clip of me watching Jim Gardner clips on YouTube, but unfortunately, it did not make the cut," said Nero.

"You probably regret that now that you're going to be on Action News, right?" said Bloomquist.

"Yea, haha" said Nero.

See our full interview with Dom - which is just as hilarious.