Try damp, not dry, January, says creator of alcohol-reduction app

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Friday, January 13, 2023
Having trouble with Dry January? Try Damp January instead
What iif you fall off the dry January wagon? One entrepreneur says that's OK - try a Damp January.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- You've probably heard of Dry January - the goal of not drinking any alcohol this month.

Dry January started 10 years ago, inspired by a woman who stopped alcohol to prepare for a half-marathon. But some may be looking at ways to ease themselves into making changes in this New Year, rather than going cold turkey.

For them, Damp January may be a more practical and doable concept.

Thousands may start the month alcohol-free, but what if you fall off the wagon?

"You sleep better, you've got more energy, your brain is repairing itself," says Vedant Pradeep, Co-Founder and CEO of the Reframe app.

Zero alcohol is a good goal, but perfection is nearly impossible. Many then feel guilty when they slip up and then end up giving up.

Instead, Pradeep says Reframe focuses on helping people reduce drinking by setting their own limits and understanding that alcohol is usually an unhealthy coping mechanism.

"You use it to cope with stress, you use it to cope with anxiety, essentially. So at Reframe, we help you find whatever it is that you're trying to cope with, with alcohol and we help you deal with it in a healthier way," he said.

Reframe is entirely science-based, developed by psychiatrists and psychologists at Emory University and other top universities.

Users of the app also get community support from fellow users. Pradeep says 88% of them cut back by half or more in three months.

"We will always focus on progress and like never on perfection because it's all about making progress," he said.

And one alcohol counselor at the Cleveland Clinic adds that a key essential is to stay out of parties and other situations where you know there'll be heavy alcohol use.