Season could be difficult, but Ron Jaworski says Eagles have one big advantage

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Carson Wentz and the other Eagles Quarterbacks as well as injured players were scheduled for their first round of COVID-19 testing on Thursday.

But don't expect to see Wentz on the practice field with his Eagles teammates anytime soon.

It could be weeks.

Eagles training camp looks a lot different this year. Typically players would show up have a physical and hit the field, but the fields are empty - as are the meeting rooms.

Eagles rookies and QBs are at home quarantining as they must pass multiple COVID-19 tests over a five-day span.

Then they are expected to come back for a physical and a ramping up period of conditioning before practices would even start.

Plus, the NFL and the Players Association have yet to agree on key issues, and money is the big one.

NFL analyst Ron Jaworski thinks it will be very difficult for the Eagles season to start on time - not to mention the quality of football will be down.

"I just can't imagine the game being what we are used to seeing. If we get to the regular season and there are 16 games, I think the caliber of play will fall off precipitously because of the lack of football practice that is so, so very important," he said.

How Doug Pederson leads the Eagles through all this will be the greatest challenge of his career, but having Pederson is a huge advantage in this situation.

"Doug Pederson has one advantage maybe over a lot of teams, and that is experience. This is an experienced Eagles football team. None of us expected to see a lot of rookies even make this team and contribute to this season, so that fact that it is a coaching staff that has been in place, a head coach and an organization that's been put together through a number of years - I think that is an advantage for the Eagles," Jaworski said.

The Eagles comfort level with Pederson as well as his playbook will come in handy when practices and the season start.
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