Both police officers home from the hospital after being shot in East Lansdowne, Pa.

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Friday, February 9, 2024
Both officers home from the hospital after shooting in East Lansdowne
Both police officers home from the hospital after being shot in East Lansdowne, Pa.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Both officers who were shot in the line of duty Wednesday afternoon while responding to a shooting call in East Lansdowne, Delaware County have been released from the hospital.

Ofc. John Meehan of East Lansdowne Police was released from Penn Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia on Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours after Ofc. David Schiazza from Lansdowne Police was also released.

Officer John Meehan, 44, of the East Lansdowne Police Department, left the hospital Friday afternoon

With a cast over his left arm, Meehan was rolled out of the hospital, stood up out of this wheelchair, and hugged his brothers in blue. His family, wearing shirts reading "Meehan Strong," surrounded their hero as he was released from the hospital.

"Really, he's a family guy and that's all he cares about. He wants to make sure his son sees him coming home," said Chris Eiserman, president of the Delaware County FOP.

The 44-year-old officer was shot Tuesday night in East Lansdowne. He was responding to a call on Lewis Avenue about a child shot and was immediately fired at when getting to the scene.

Investigators suspect 43-year-old Canh Le fired at the officers as they arrived, and also killed five family members. A fire erupted at the home shortly after the officers were shot.

Ofc. David Schiazza from Lansdowne police was also shot. Upper Darby police shielded him and dragged him to safety amid gunfire. The 54-year-old was released from the hospital Thursday to a similar hero's welcome.

Police officer released from hospital after being shot in East Lansdowne

"They love being police officers. I'm sure as soon as they can they're going to come back out and they're going to do the job because that's what they love doing," said Eiserman.

That love could be felt through Delaware County upon Meehan's release. Students from his kids' school in Havertown lined the street to welcome him home, as did firefighters nearby.

"We're small-town police, community police and when a major event like this happens, we got together, we really have," said Chief Kenneth Rutherford from Lansdowne Police.

The law enforcement community said they're relieved that both officers are home and recovering after a violent and traumatic scene in East Lansdowne.

"It could have been a completely different procession and I'm glad it wasn't. He went home. He's recovering at home, hopefully makes a full recovery," Rutherford said of Schiazza.

While glad the officers are home, the Fraternal Order of Police is also calling on elected officials to do more to protect law enforcement following this shooting.