School changes sports, practice times because of concerns about EEE

Many schools in New England and in Michigan are taking extra precautions to protect against Triple E, or Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

That's the mosquito-borne illness that has lead to at least 10 deaths nationwide this year.

Football games, band practice and other outdoor activities there are being scheduled earlier in the day, so they can avoid the times when mosquitoes are most active.

For the first time today, EEE-infected mosquitoes have been found in New York State.

The Rockland County Health Department says the infected mosquitoes were collected from a trap in Orangetown on September 17th as part of the county's ongoing mosquito surveillance.

To date, no human cases of EEE have been reported in Rockland.

The infection is rare.

Only about 5% of people exposed will become sick, but it can have devastating effects.

A Massachusetts man was the latest to die.

In our area, the virus has been detected, so everyone is urged to limit time outside at dusk and dawn, wear long sleeves, and use bug spray with DEET.
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