Watch the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets'

Paul Rudd and Olivia Wilde read mean tweets about themselves. (Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube)

In a time-honored Jimmy Kimmel Live tradition, celebrities read out loud some of the meanest tweets on the internet... about themselves.

Warning: Adult Content

This time the tweets were so mean they found Hugh Grant accusing Kimmel of making them up. Other celebrities featured include Melissa McCarthy, Chris Evans, Olivia Wilde, Ryan Gosling, Kiefer Sutherland and more.

Highlights include:

"Chris Evans is a stupid, bearded, sweater-wearing dumb dork."
"Paul Rudd is the most boring, vanilla dude. You know he just sits at home with his wife having a bland spaghetti dinner talking about his day."
"Bryan Cranston looks like Jim Carrey impersonating Matthew McConaughey."

Watch the video above to hear what creative insults the internet came up with this time.
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