Officials urge residents to have working smoke alarms in their homes

If you live in Philadelphia, a free smoke detector can be installed in your home by calling 311 or logging onto

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Monday, April 25, 2022
Officials: 4 dead, including 3 children after Kensington fire
Philadelphia officials say four people are dead, including three children after a rowhome fire broke out in Kensington early Sunday morning.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The Red Cross is urging Philadelphia residents to have an evacuation plan with their families in the event of a fire.

The nonprofit organization is also reminding Philadelphians that they will come to their house and install working smoke alarms for free.

The goal is to avoid another tragedy, like what the Sunday morning fire in Kensington that killed a father and three children or January's Fairmount blaze that claimed 12 lives.

"Have working smoke alarms so that the next fire doesn't happen," said Guy Triano, the regional CEO for the American Red Cross.

In fact, the Philadelphia fire department says since January 1, 312 families have been displaced due to fires.

A total of 21 people have died, and 38 others have been injured.

Lisa Forrest, the president of Club Valiants, said a fire is everyone's fight and people need to make sure they have a working smoke alarm in their house.

"Until we make having smoke alarms a priority, the unfortunate situation is we're going to continue down this road," said Forrest. "I'm getting tired of this, it's emotionally draining not just in the fire department, but this is my community."

So far this year, the Philadelphia Fire Department and its partners have installed 4,271 smoke alarms across the city.

Robyn Colajezzi, the president of Philadelphia Fire Department Foundation, says when seconds matter - the smoke alarm can save your life.

"The minute that smoke detector catches smoke is in the early stages of the fire. It gives you that time to escape and get out," said Colajezzi.

If you live in Philadelphia, a free smoke detector can be installed into your home by calling 311 or logging onto