Love Sports? Fun Fieldz brings a miniaturized authentic sports field to your backyard!

ByAmanda Brady Localish logo
Monday, July 18, 2022
Fun Fieldz brings the ball, field, announcers and fun to you!
Fun Fieldz will bring a baseball diamond, football or soccer field to your party, complete with chalk lines, fences and, most importantly, the FUN!Fun Fieldz provides an authentic sport field including the equipment, the coaches, fencing, field lines and most importantly, the FUN for your event

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa -- Jonathan Retano and Aaron Keller started Fun Fieldz 10 years ago as a way to get kids back outdoors.

The idea is simple, they bring the ball game (field, equipment, and even announcers) to your backyard.

"If you're watching the Phillies, imagine that being shrunk and miniaturized, put it in the truck and deliver it to your house for Wiffle ball", says Retano.

They do all the set-up and take down, from the field posts to the painted lines.

It's not just wiffleball, they also do football, soccer and other backyard activities. "(We have) obstacle courses, giant soccer balls, we have a rubber chicken race" says Keller.

While kids' birthday parties are the most popular, they said they do their fair share of adult events as well.

Visit Fun Fieldz to book them for your next event.