Food on the go from Marc Vetri, Chef Soul and Sweet Pea ice cream

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Friday, May 22, 2020

[media ID="6193284" /][br /][b]Marc Vetri restaurants offering takeout for first time[/b][br /][Ads /][br /]Marc Vetri has been a fixture in the Philadelphia dining scene for more than 20 years.[br /]He opened his newest spot, Fiorella, in an old South Philadelphia sausage factory on Valentine's Day, a tiny 16-seater where he envisioned people packing in to enjoy noodles and wine.[br /][br /]But after one "amazing" month, he was shut down by the COVID crisis. He took a week to mourn and then started doing what he always considered unthinkable -- takeout.[br /][br /]At Fiorella's, he's selling pasta kits, while his signature restaurant Vetri Cucina is serving up to-go meals.[br /][br /]And he's looking towards the future of dining with social distancing, virtual cooking classes and creative ways to create hospitality without physical intimacy.[br /][br /][b][url HREF=""]Fiorella Philly[/url] | [url HREF=""]Online Ordering Menu [/url] | [url HREF=""]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]817 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147[br /]215-305-9222[br /][br /][b][url HREF=""]Vetri Cucina[/url]|[url HREF="https://www.instagram.-om/vetricucinaphl/?hl=en"]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]1312 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103[br /][media ID="6193282" /][br /][b]Philly's Chef Soul is delivering his tasty BBQ to your table[/b][br /]Summer is all about barbeques. And if you're looking for some great food, you go to Zachary's BBQ,[br /][br /]Founder Keith Taylor is known as 'Chef Soul and started the spot as a tribute to his grandmother and his family's Southern roots.[br /]Taylor prides himself on always thinking ahead, so when the COVID-19 shutdown took effect, he had a plan. He now features a kitchen to kitchen ordering with meals for groups of 2-14 people. Orders arrive cold in disposable pans accompanied by simple reheating instructions.[br /]With catering and consulting already on the chef's resume, now he can add delivery to the list![br /][br /][b][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Zachary's BBQ & Soul[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Chef Soul Culinary[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Facebook[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]2551 Orthodox St., Philadelphia PA 19404[br /]610-272-1800[br /][instagram SRC="" /][br /][media ID="6193287" /][br /][b]If you like chocolate, you will love ChocOHlat's sweet treats[/b][br /]Anne-Marie Constable has been baking since she was a child.[br /][br /]As she got older, making chocolate became her hobby. Then when she got married and became a mom, she turned it into a little side hustle with a goal of earning enough money to pay for Philadelphia Zoo and pool passes for her three boys.[br /][br /]But business boomed and she recently moved from her home kitchen to a commercial facility in Lawncrest.[br /][br /]Her husband is a Philadelphia firefighter and she is a former probation officer, so the role of first responders hits close to home.[br /][br /]She's been donating her hand-dipped chocolates to Fox Chase Hospital and on National Nurses day, delivered 850 nurse, aspirin, stethoscope and Bandaid shaped chocolates, one for every nurse on the hospital's staff.[br /][media ID="6182634" /][br /][b][url HREF=""]ChocOHlat [/url] | [url HREF=""]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]215-941-1965 | [url HREF=""][/url][br /][br /][instagram SRC="" /][br /][media ID="6193993" /][br /][b]Localish Presents: Sweet Pea Ice Cream Grams[/b][br /]Sweet Pea Ice Cream-Grams deliver one self isolation sundae tote and plenty of smiles.[br /][br /]Sweet Pea Ice Cream makes more than 30 flavors and during the pandemic they are taking their show on the road.[br /][Ads /][br /]They deliver ice cream grams all around the Philadelphia area to friends, family, nurses and grocery store employees. They'll bring the ice cream, a special message and a big smile. #belocalish[br /][br /][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow"]Sweet Pea Ice Cream[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow"]Locations[/url][br /][br /][b][ul][li][url HREF="" TARGET="" REL=""]WATCH: More Philadelphia Localish videos[/url][/li][/ul][/b][br /][media ID="6193290" /][br /][b]Kids are going crazy for these virtual makeup parties [/b][br /]Julie Kate Rubinstein is a professional makeup artist who specializes in wedding and event makeup.[br /][br /]When COVID-19 hit, she feared all of her business would disappear. So she took her makeup business online and geared it towards kids' parties. And now it's booming![br /]Children have their makeup kits and computer screens ready, and Rubinstein talks them through each step via Zoom.[br /][br /]She has themes like 'mermaid' and 'princess', and she is doing a lot of birthday parties. Children's classes are every Saturday at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m., with an afternoon class on Thursdays at 4 p.m. Adult group classes are by appointment.[br /][br /]Check out her Instagram and other social accounts for photos from previous parties and information on how to schedule a private or public session.[br /][media ID="6182408" /][br /][b][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Julie Kate & Co.[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Facebook: Julie Kate & Co.[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Instagram: juliekatemakeup[/url][/b][br /][media ID="6193303" /][br /][b]These women are aiding the community, responders during COVID-19[/b][br /][br /]Masks are in high demand and at times, hard to find, despite being and required in most places of business.[br /][br /]We check in on two local mask makers - whose livelihoods have been directly affected by COV-ID 19, to see how they have pivoted from their normal jobs to help meet the demand, and help our essentials workers in the process.[br /]Tina Dixon Spence, the founder of Buddha Babe, an eco-friendly luxury nursery brand, turned to mask-making when her business came to a halt as a result of COVID-19. For every mask Buddha Babe sells, the company donates one to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.[br /][br /][media ID="6184214" /][br /][b][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Buddha Babe [/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Facebook [/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]Jen Yothers lost her job as a bartender, like so many others in the food and beverage industry.[br /][br /]She is using her crafty background to make masks for frontline workers, specifically nurses, who need the protection the most.[br /][br /]She's bringing joy with her patterns - like her sports-themed versions - Phillies and Gritty, and kid-friendly Disney varieties.[br /][media ID="6193327" /][br /][b]Thirsty Dice, Queen & Rook offering take-home gaming and food packages[/b][br /]In the COVID-19 era, board games are popular more than ever and they are a great way to spend time indoors.[br /][br /]Two local board-game cafes in Philadelphia, Thirsty Dice Board-Game Café in Fairmount and Queen & Rook in Queen Village, are re-imagining their strategies and bringing the fun and food right to your home.[br /][br /]Game night is on.[br /]Thirsty Dice Boardgame Café in Fairmount is packing customizable comfort crates for their customers, filled with pantry staples, like flour and yeast, meal kits, like chocolate chip cookies and pizza kits, wine and beer, and of-course, board games and puzzles.[br /][br /]Be sure to ask George, their on-site is game-tender how to bring the fun virtually. Thirsty Dice is also a proud supporter of local businesses.[br /][br /][b] [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Thirsty Dice[/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]1642 Fairmount Ave, Philadelphia[br /]Board-games along with vegetarian-friendly bites and beer to-go from Queen & Rook in Queen Village are also available for pickup and delivery.[br /][br /]Their plant-based menu includes appetizers like seitan wings and fried buffalo cauliflower. The retail shop is stock-piled with a variety of board-games for all ages, like games you can play virtually, or legacy games, games that can last hours or days to master.[br /][br /][b] [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Queen & Rook [/url] | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]607 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147[br /][Ads /][br /][media ID="6193307" /][br /][b]Barnes Foundation is taking virtual art galleries to another level[/b][br /]During the COVID-19 crisis, the Barnes Foundation is among the many cultural institutions in Philadelphia finding different ways to stay connected virtually.[br /][br /]You can tune in at lunchtime on weekdays to hear curators, scholars and educators give 5 to 15-minute talks about a favorite piece of art. There are also online classes available.[br /][br /]You can take a deep dive into research on artworks, explore the galleries from your home and do virtual family activities. The museum is also planning for the reopening with a blockbuster new exhibit opening on woodworking artist Elijah Pierce debuting in the fall.[br /][br /]It will be the biggest exhibit of Pierce's work since the 1990s, with works from private collections that have never before been seen.[br /][br /][b]Barnes Foundation Virtual Offerings | [url HREF=""]Barnes Takeout[/url] | [url HREF=""]Research Notes[/url][i] | [/i][url HREF=""]Online Collection [/url]| [url HREF=""]Barnes from home Family Art Time[/url][/b][br /][b]Barnes Foundation Upcoming Exhibitions [/b][br /][br /][b]Elijah Pierce's America | [url HREF=""]Website[/url][/b][br /][i]opening September 27[/i][br /]20th & The Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19130[br /][br /]Exhibition contributors include: The Collection of Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz. Promised gift to the Philadelphia Museum of Art[br /][ul][li]Columbus Museum of Art[/li][/ul] [ul][li]Keny Galleries, Columbus, Ohio[/li][/ul][br /][b][i]Marie Cuttoli: The Modern Thread from Miró to Man Ray | [url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]Website[/url][/i][/b][br /][i]Extended through August 23, viewable when the museum reopens [/i][br /][media ID="6193325" /][br /][b]Staying at home with pets[/b][br /]While the impact of this pandemic has ranged from absolute boredom to more serious things like job losses and health issues, some of our pets are coping in their own ways.[br /][br /]A local veterinarian who focuses on animal behavior and stress is not surprised to hear our pets are stressed, too.[br /][br /]Matt O'Donnell spoke with Dr. Carlo Siracusa of Penn's Ryan Veterinary Hospital about Bailey, his generally happy and spoiled 8-year-old Shichon.[br /][br /][b]FYI Philly's weekly COVID-19 survival kit[/b][br /]FYI Philly has a roundup of ways to survive the COVID-19 crisis while safely self-isolating at home.[br /][br /]A Northern Liberties pizzeria is offering its full menu plus DIY pizza kits so you can bake at home.[br /][b][url HREF="" TARGET="_blank" REL="nofollow" ]D'Oliva evoo Pizza & Grill [/url] | [url HREF=""]Facebook[/url][/b][br /]1009 N Bodine St, Philadelphia, PA 19123[br /]215-454-6798[br /][media ID="6182734" /][br /]A pair of Philadelphia PR women have created what they call "The Resting Gift Face", a curated box of fun activities that bring a little humor to our surreal reality.[br /][br /][b][url HREF=""]Resting Gift Face[/url][/b][br /]Art in the Age in Old City is selling its scratch-made spirits curbside. The shop is also a one-stop spot for home bartenders.[br /][br /]If you need some cocktail inspiration, mixologist masters feature a weekly recipe along with tips on the Art in the Age blog and Instagram.[br /][br /][b][url HREF=""]Art in the Age[/url] | [/b][url HREF=""]Blog[/url] | [url HREF=""]Instagram[/url][/b][br /]116 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106[br /]215-922-2600