Gas prices drop across Delaware Valley as demand decreases amid pandemic

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Friday, April 24, 2020
Gas prices drop across Delaware Valley as demand decreases amid pandemic
Gas prices have dropped across the Delaware Valley as demand decreases amid the pandemic.

PENNSAUKEN, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Amid the coronavirus pandemic, gas prices have dropped significantly.

A gallon of regular gas was $1.89 at Wawa in Pennsauken, New Jersey on Friday - that was the average price for gasoline 16 years ago.

According to AAA, demand is down 30% and supply has nowhere to go. This means, if you need gas, this is the time to fill up.

"Gas prices have dropped between 60 and 80 cents per gallon since their peak this heat in early January," says Jana Tidwell of AAA.

In Philadelphia, Action News found a range anywhere from $2.29 to $1.99 a gallon.

The average in Delaware is $1.79.

With people abiding by stay-at-home orders and supply has remained the same, crude oil was trading in the negative early this week.

"There's really no other place to put it which is why oil producers were likely paying people to buy it from them just because there was no place for it to go," said Tidwell.

Although you may not have any travel plans or even get out of the house too often, AAA advises that you start your car to avoid problems. If your vehicle is left stationary, condensation can collect in your gas tank watering it down.

"We don't want to come out of these stay-at-home orders with people who have unknowingly ruined the gas tank or ruined the engine. We're seeing a lot of calls, 40% of our call volume is for dead batteries," says Tidwell.

AAA suggests using a fuel stabilizer as well and keeping a full tank will limit the chance for condensation to form.