Peddlers Village gets double dose of scary with GhostDusters, Golden Girls murder mysteries

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021
GhostDusters, Golden Girls murder mysteries haunt Peddlers Village
To celebrate Halloween, Peddlers Village has called in the GhostDusters and the Golden Girls for a murder-mystery, comedy ghost tour.

LAHASKA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- To celebrate Halloween and ward off evil spirits, Peddlers Village has called in the GhostDusters and the Golden Girls for a murder-mystery, comedy ghost tour.

Karen Rogers has all the details in this week's 6abc loves the arts.

Peddler's Village is teaming up with Without A Cue Productions.

"We are a full-service entertainment company that focuses on murder mystery," says Traci Connaughton, Executive Director of Without A Cue Productions. "When we had to shut down during COVID, we started doing walking tours."

As you walk through the village, you'll hear tales about Bucks County's famous haunts

"Bucks County has a very rich colonial history," says Fotusky, "And lots of ghosts."

You'll stop at the Cock n Bull restaurant., which Fotusky says is "very haunted."

The Golden Plough Inn apparently hosts a ghost too.

"Who likes to rearrange all of the coffee-stirrers," says Fotusky.

And you may meet the twin girls, said to haunt the courtyard.

"They protect the village and help keep the prices low," says Fotusky.

There are five ghost stories in all.

"The ghosts, they're always here. They're not going anywhere," says Monica.

"The fun part of it is that three of the stories are true and two of them are false," says Connaughton.

"It's up to you to decide fact from fiction," Fotusky says.

The show is family-friendly and audience members are invited to participate.

"We as GhostDusters don't have a ghost hunting program. It's more like a catch and release," Fotusky says.

Without a Cue is also staging a Golden Girl's Murder Mystery, a dinner theater held indoors and out this year.

"There's a cult following around it. People just love the characters," says Connaughton.

So much so that it's already sold out, but they're planning another show in January.

"A new one called the Golden Girls Murder Mystery; The Curse of Jessica Fletcher," says Traci.

The GhostDusters tours run every Friday and Sunday through November 14th.


Family Mystery Walking Tours: GhostDusters | Instagram | Facebook

100 Peddler's Village, Lahaska, Pennsylvania 18931

Runs every Friday and Sunday until November 14th, 2021 | Various showtimes available