Mama goose 'hails' police to help free gosling

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Mother goose 'calls' for help
A mother goose sought help from a police officer after her gosling got caught in litter

CINCINNATI, Ohio -- A police officer in Cincinnati came to the rescue of a mother goose in trouble after she 'called' for help.

Sgt. James Givens says he was parked in his cruiser when he heard a goose pecking at his door.

He said, "It kept pecking and pecking and normally they don't come near us. And then it walked away, and then it stopped and looked back, so I followed it and it led me right over to the baby that was tangled up in all that string."

The string was tied to a Mother's Day balloon, among some of the litter near the creek.

He and Spc. Cecilia Charron called the SPCA, but no one was immediately available to come out, so Charron took matters into her own hands.

Givens recalled, "Well, she has a couple of kids of her own and I guess that motherly instinct must've kicked in because it was like they communicated. The mother goose didn't bother her. So...Charron came and untangled it. It took her awhile because it was all wrapped up."

She was able to free the gosling, and they later saw the goose and the gosling swimming in the creek.

Givens said, "I always thought that they were afraid of people, and people say they will attack you if you get close to their young ones, and I was just surprised."

Watch WKRC's full report in the video above.