Grandmother graduates for 3rd time from Cal State Los Angeles

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Sunday, June 14, 2015
Grandmother graduates for 3rd time from Cal State Los Angeles
A 71-year-old grandmother graduated Friday from Cal State Los Angeles, and it wasn't her first time.

LOS ANGELES -- Proud parents and grandparents watched Friday as thousands of young faces graduated from Cal State Los Angeles and headed out into the real world. Then there was Barbara Hunt.

The 71-year-old grandmother wasn't watching from the stands. She was graduating herself with a doctorate in educational leadership.

"I enjoy learning and I'm still teaching," Hunt said. "You got to keep up with what's going on."

Hunt is no rookie when it comes to graduating from Cal State Los Angeles. She first earned a bachelor's degree in biological sciences back when John F. Kennedy was in the White House.

"It was really an exciting time in terms of getting right into politics and understanding what the real world is about," Hunt said.

But Hunt wasn't finished. She came back a decade later and graduated in 1973 with a master's degree in health and safety.

After raising a family, working in the Peace Corps and teaching in high school and college, the Playa Del Rey grandmother became Dr. Barbara Hunt with her grandchildren watching.

"I want them to know you can still learn things. Grandmas are still okay!" she laughs.