See all of Heidi Klum's iconic Halloween costumes over the years

We're paying homage to the Queen of Halloween with a look at all of her legendary costumes from past years.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020
See Heidi Klum's iconic Halloween costumes over the years
Take a look at supermodel Heidi Klum's iconic Halloween costumes from 2000 to 2019!

The countdown to Halloween is on and to celebrate, we're turning our focus to one of the most iconic celebrities that reigns over this holiday: Heidi Klum.

It's no secret that the supermodel goes all out year after year, usually sprinkling hints about her costume across her social media pages leading up to her annual Halloween bash.

2019: A gory alien/cyborg

One thing is clear about this costume: It was Klum's most terrifying yet...even if we're still unclear on what it was.

2018: Princess Fiona from "Shrek"

Another stellar use of prosthetics from Klum. The costume was made complete with her husband Tom Kaulitz dressed as Shrek and a stroller with ogre triplets.

2017: Michael Jackson's "Thriller"

How do you enter a party while dressed as the King of Pop's most iconic music video? Doing the dance, of course! That's exactly what Klum and her crew did while dressed as the creatures of "Thriller."

2016: Heidi Klum (clones)

Now this Heidi is recognizable! Or should we say Heidis? The supermodel's full ensemble was comprised of herself and five other look-a-likes dressed as Victoria's Secret Angels.

2015: Jessica Rabbit

Klum is no stranger to using prosthetics for her costumes, and this was yet another example of how she underwent a dramatic makeover to transform into the cartoon character.

2014: Butterfly

The supermodel lit up Times Square with her colorful ensemble, complete with giant wings, a rainbow bodysuit and body paint.

2013: Old Lady

Another impeccable makeup job on Klum, who was unrecognizable at her party. She had the works done -- wrinkles, varicose veins, dark spots and all.

2012: Cleopatra

Klum was stunning as the Egyptian ruler and dawned an intricate golden headdress.

2011: Human Body

Are we at a Halloween party or the famous Bodies exhibit? Klum was rolled out onto the red carpet on a gurney by gruesome-looking doctors.

2011: Apes

Two Halloween parties means two costumes for Klum, and she attended this one with a look inspired by "Planet of the Apes."

2010: Robot

The elaborate robot costume gives off Transformers-esque vibes with clunky red, plastic pieces and sky-high platform boots. Klum added sparkly purple body paint to bring this one over the top.

2009: Crows

These birds are widely recognized as symbols of horror, so Klum and Seal attended her annual Halloween bash in full-on crow bodysuits.

2008: Kali

Klum dressed as the Hindu goddess of death and time, sparking allegations of cultural appropriation. Her costume included six additional arms and several heads attached to her body.

2007: Cat

One of Klum's simpler costumes over the years was a form-fitting cat body suit. Of course, Klum added body paint and rhinestones on her face to make the ensemble pop.

2006: Forbidden fruit

The supermodel hid her baby bump while in an Adam and Eve-inspired apple, with green body paint and a serpent wrapped around her.

2005: Vampire

Klum went with big hair and a bleeding heart for her vampire costume.

2004: Witch

With a flaming red wig, dress and hat, Klum tacked a skeleton on her back as an added accessory.

2003: Golden gladiator

This is another widely debated look -- is Klum a gladiator, goddess or alien? Regardless, the supermodel rocked a form-fitting metallic golden ensemble.

2002: Betty Boop

Klum dressed as the iconic flapper in her first foray into cartoon character costumes. The key to her look? Betty's long lashes, of course.

2001: Lady Godiva

The supermodel made her grand entrance on top of a horse for this costume, complete with a long blond wig, bejeweled white spandex suit and, of course, a hint of fake blood.

2000: Dominatrix

The year that started it all, Heidi went goth for her debut Halloween bash, wearing all black and leather.