Beloved Hatboro officer incapacitated by bee sting moved into hospice care

Hatboro Police Officer Ryan Allen has been on the force since 2013.
HATBORO, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A procession escorted Officer Ryan Allen and his family through Montgomery County on Thursday.

Earlier this year, Officer Allen suffered a heart attack that led to a serious brain injury after he was stung by a bee on October 14, 2021.

According to the officer's wife, Whitney Allen, doctors said he will not recover from his injuries.

"We have been told by his medical team there is no chance that he will recover in any meaningful way," Allen wrote in a Facebook post. "We have made the extremely painful decision as a family to have Ryan discharged from rehabilitation on hospice care to spend his remaining days surrounded by loved ones and friends in a peaceful setting close to our home."

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"He's in what they call a 'disorder state of consciousness.' He's out of the coma, but he's not aware of his surroundings," said the officer's wife, Whitney Allen.

On Thursday, a procession brought Allen home where he will be treated through hospice care.

Officer Allen has been on the force since 2013. He helped start Hatboro Police Department's first police K9 program and has served as a member of the Montgomery County Drug Task Force.
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