Bloopers and outtakes from 'Haunted Mansion' will have you laughing

We've got gaffes and laughs from Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito and the stars of 'Haunted Mansion'

ByGina Sirico OTRC logo
Friday, July 28, 2023
'Haunted Mansion' bloopers and outtakes
Epic outtakes from Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson and all the stars of 'Haunted Mansion.'

LOS ANGELES -- Funny faces. Flubbed lines. Silly gaffes. Lots of laughs. We've got some of the funniest outtakes from "Haunted Mansion."

Rosario Dawson, Tiffany Haddish, Danny DeVito, Jamie Lee Curtis, Owen Wilson and LaKeith Stanfield made movie magic, and laughed a lot along the way.

Who fell? Who danced like no one was watching? Who had Tiffany questioning things? Laugh along in the video above and see "Haunted Mansion" in theaters now.