Americans need to move more, says new report

A new report shows despite efforts over the past several years to get Americans to move more, many are not doing enough.

Here's the goal: 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise.

That can include things like walking, swimming, or even mowing the lawn.

Or you can get 75 minutes per week of intense activity such as running or aerobics.

It's estimated less than 65-percent of Americans meet these goals.

In addition, Americans are also sitting for longer periods.

This puts you at a greater risk for obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other problems.

Even if you have a desk job, it's good to get up every hour or so to stand and walk around.

And here are some easy ways to increase your activity throughout the day:

-- Park farther away when you drive somewhere

-- Take the stairs when you can

-- Walk while you talk, meaning take your calls standing up or walking around when you can.
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