Fitness Friday: Gyrotonic exercise

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you're someone who does a lot of high intensity, high impact workouts, or you just feel like your body takes a beating from every day life - there's a new fitness program that aims to help.

61-year-old Carol Parker Stein practices Gyrotonic once a week.

It's a circular mind-body exercise created by a former dancer and gymnast.

By day, Carol works as a masseuse. She's also an avid gardener and plays with her grand kids. All of the bending and twisting, she says takes a toll on her body.

"I feel like I have been compacted down a bit," she said.

Nina Didner of Bodi Revive says Gyrotonic helps un-do damage to the body by strengthening muscles and improving flexibility.

She says it's especially good for older people and also for athletes.

"So if you are constantly doing bootcamps, this is nice to help prevent injuries, to strengthen the muscles that traditional exercises don't work on," she said.

It works your entire body in a gentle way by strengthening your core, or abdominal muscles, your back, legs, arms and shoulders.

It can also improve posture and increase your range of motion.

"And because it's circular, you get to strengthen the weakest link in your body at the same time," said Nina.

Nina says all workouts are tailored for your individual needs and moves can be modified to work around and help rehabilitate injuries.

"I mean any part that you really want to strengthen or stretch you can do it with this machine," she said.

Carol has been doing Gyrotonic for years and says the benefits are long-lasting.

"I leave and I feel very integrated, I feel strong, I feel grounded and then I carry it with me throughout the day," she said.

Nina says everyone is different. Some feel the effects after just one session, but for others, it takes a few.

All sessions are one-on-one at her studio and cost about $75 dollars for an hour or you can get three for $165.

To find a Gyrotonic location near you, CLICK HERE.
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