Chronic stress puts your health at risk, here is how to manage it during the pandemic

It's vital to your health to practice healthy ways to reduce stress.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Seven months into the pandemic and many are still feeling a lot of extra stress.

Whether it's worrying about a loved one, financial loss, being overwhelmed with working at home or helping kids learn remotely -- there are a number of factors contributing to the added anxiety.

Some stress, often referred to as short-term stress, is OK. But the pandemic has created long-term stress, or chronic stress, which can lead to dangerous, more serious issues down the road.

It can put you at a greater risk for a number of health problems, including heart attack or stroke, weight gain, anxiety, depression and addiction.

Signs of trouble can be sleeping difficulties, over- or under-eating, teeth grinding and even hair loss.

It's vital to practice healthy ways to reduce stress. Try doing calming activities like yoga, stretching or meditation. Another option is to go on regular walks. And if things persist, speak to a therapist.

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