Miami students get Zika 101 lesson on back-to-school day

MIAMI, Fla. -- This was back-to-school day in Miami, for the first time since the zika virus arrived in the city.

That means some new lessons for students and teachers alike.

It was Zika 101 today: Everyone got a lesson on how to prevent mosquito bites.

And information went out to parents of the 54-thousand students in Miami public schools last week.

They were urged to have kids wear long pants and longer sleeves, and to apply insect repellent before they leave home.

A middle school teacher in the Wynwood neighborhood, the original zika zone, began class today with a chapter called "mysterious mosquitoes" - explaining how the virus spreads from mosquitoes to people.

Staff also reassured students Zika is mostly a threat to pregnant women, not to kids.

Florida's Department of Health say there are 37 cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus in south Florida.