Sculpt Fitness brings Megaformer workout to Philadelphia

Friday, December 11, 2015
VIDEO: Sculpt Fitness brings Megaformer workout to Phila.
A workout some celebrities swear by has come to Philadelphia.

NORTHERN LIBERTIES (WPVI) -- A workout some celebrities swear by has come to Philadelphia, and it promises to be different than other fitness classes and help make your body leaner.

It's known as a Megaformer workout. It is different than a Pilates reformer class, and in Shape Magazine last year Sofia Vergara said she used it to get ready for her wedding.

Now a studio is open in Northern Liberties.

Stephanie Tolar is the owner of the new Sculpt Fitness Studio (SFS) at The Piazza. Classes there use the Megaformer M3S - a system of a moving platform, springs, handles, straps and cables.

Stephanie says she took a class using the machine in New York City, and wanted to bring it to Philadelphia.

"I was never so challenged by a workout in my life," she said.

The workout was invented by Sebastien Lagree, a former French bodybuilder. It's a 50 minute intense strength training workout.

Stephanie explains, "Everything is worked slow and controlled. You're going into slow twitch muscle fibers versus fast twitch muscle fibers."

She says that helps to tone and lengthen your muscles, and it works the whole body, including your thighs, obliques, backside and upper body.

The balance work strengthens your midsection. And even though you are not moving fast, it will get your heart pumping.

Theresa Logue started classes a few weeks ago, and she says, "I love it. I haven't been back to my other gym since I've done my first class."

Both she and friend Stephanie Ubele say it looks a lot easier than it is, and you will see results.

Ubele says, "For the first couple times I could even walk or sit down. It just totally makes you sore all over the place, in a good way."

Stephanie Tolar tells us, "If you come in 2 to 3 times a week, in a month you will definitely see some changes in your body."

For beginners, you should start with their 101 class so you can learn the moves and the machine. The first class is $15, then classes cost between $25 and $30.

To learn more visit Sculpt Fitness Studio's website: