Pa. woman honors legacy of late son by teaching children how to perform CPR

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Thursday, January 4, 2024
Pa. woman honors late son teaching CPR to children
Christy Marshall-Silva is the founder of Aidan's Heart Foundation, sharing her heart in an effort to save hearts.

DOWNINGTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Christy Marshall-Silva is the Founder and President of Aidan's Heart Foundation, a nonprofit that emerged after the tragic loss of her son.

In 2010, she lost Aidan in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest when he was only seven years old.

After that time, she learned about all of the ways to possibly circumvent a tragic ending if this happened to another one of her children.

She started sharing that knowledge with others in Aidan's Heart Foundation.

They provide heart screenings; and, place Automatic External Defibrillators around their local community where people are exercising.

Also, they have held CPR teachings for the last ten years at Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center.

During these assemblies, high school students visit to instruct their younger peers how to potentially save a life.

"We started...ten years ago. We've trained over 10,000 students here in Downingtown. We figured let's start with the young people in our community, that way we'll change the culture of our community's ability to respond to cardiac arrest," said Marshall-Silva.

Marshall-Silva finds this work to be rewarding in an effort to save lives; and, a great way to connect with her son again.

"He would be really happy. I wish he was here to see it. I don't have that choice of having him here physically. This work definitely helps me feel he is here in spirit," said Marshall-Silva.

Aidan's Heart Foundation will continue to hold CPR training events in the near future, including one on Monday, January 15th.

For more information on events and the mission, check out their website.