Shoppers looking for deals day after Christmas

ARDMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The day after Christmas is different for shoppers this year amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

"I did an online order, and I'm here to pick it up," said Chadra Pinkston, from Mount Airy.

"I've been working from home, so there's no purpose in buying new clothes," said Pinkston.

That's why Pinkston is picking up her online order of card games and board games, as it's something to do while stuck in the house, and she feels she's getting them in a safe way.

"It's not so comfortable to be out at the mall, and it's cold to do the outdoor shopping, at the outdoor malls," said Pinkston.

"This says that there's an extra forty percent off of clearance, so we saw that, and we're excited to go in," said Paula Abruzzo, from Havertown.

Over at Suburban Square in Ardmore, we found a group of friends shopping, who said it's a way to safely spend time together.

"I think that shopping has been one of like the only things you can really do, because you can still go in the stores and be warm, and you don't have to be outside all the time because it is cold right now," said Abruzzo.

It wasn't too cold for one customer we found, who was wearing shorts.

"Walking from store to store," said Micah Hauger, "Post-holiday workout."

Cindy Hauger was walking around the square, doing an exchange, and snagging some post-holiday deals, with her children.

"Pretty big percentage off after Christmas, so the kids saw and said, 'mom please can we go get stuff on clearance and sale?'" said Hauger.
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