Middle school assignment asking 'whom to leave behind' causes outrage

In Ohio, just a few days into the new school year, a middle school teacher is facing heat over a controversial assignment called, "Whom to Leave Behind."

The list has twelve people on it and students can only choose eight to put into a spaceship and take to a different planet because the world was ending. Four people would be left behind.

A local councilman shared the assignment on Facebook.

Examples from the list include: a homosexual male professional athlete, a 21-year-old female Muslim international student, a militant African-American medical student, and a female movie star who was a victim of sexual assault.

Some parents are outraged and call the assignment insensitive, sexist, and racist.

The school says it is taking the matter seriously.

The councilman says he spoke with the teacher, who says he was merely trying to promote diversity.
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