Dog follows man trying to hide during police chase after fiery crash on Houston freeway: VIDEO

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Chase suspect takes off after fiery crash with dog following behind
ABC13 is pursuing answers in the wake of a police chase that ended with a crash on the Gulf Freeway and a suspect fleeing with a dog.

HOUSTON -- A dog fled with a Texas police chase suspect after a fiery crash, and it was all caught on video.

Our sister station, ABC13 in Houston, captured the moments when a suspect crashed on I-45 northbound on Tuesday evening. SkyEye13 was over the scene.

After crashing on the interstate into multiple cars, the suspect attempted to run from police with a dog following behind.

The driver then tried to hide underneath a car in a nearby parking lot but was later found.

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The pursuit that preceded the arrest lasted for nearly an hour.

SkyEye's Tammy Rose reported she was informed by a Houston police helicopter crew about a pursuit on the inbound Gulf Freeway near Monroe.

The suspect, behind the wheel of a Dodge Charger, had been weaving in and out of vehicles on surface streets with police cruiser close behind.

At one point, SkyEye's odometer technology clocked the Charger's speed at up to 130 mph on College Avenue near Alabama Street.

Police told ABC13 nobody was hurt.

According to officers on the scene, the driver is a "habitual offender" and has led police on a chase before.

Police also told ABC13 the driver is a known gang member. They did not release his name.

The dog was returned to the suspect's family, according to officers.

WATCH: How the chase unfolded live on Eyewitness News

SkyEye was above a police chase when the suspect crashed on the Gulf Freeway and was arrested by HPD officers in southeast Houston.