Jamaica uses reggae beat to drive home Zika mosquito control

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

KINGSTON, Jamaica (WPVI) -- health departments around the world are trying raise awareness of zika virus and mosquitoes.

But jamaica's health ministry is also using a catchy beat to spread the word.


INCUE: cause prevention is the greatest - :30 in

OUTCUE: and your babies


**nat sot***

((Reggae PSA: for prevention is the greatest weapon. And a special shout-out to pregnant ladies, protect yourselves, and protect your babies.))


**take vo**((bnr))

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outside of the music, Jamaica is training 100 more health officers to combat the disease.[Notes:05]

it confirmed its first case Saturday.[Notes:09]

The health minister says in this 21st century world, we have to be ready for a new disease every 2 years...