Jim Gardner: More to Explore

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Friday, January 19, 2024

6abc Studios (WPVI) -- The Jim Gardner podcast: "More To Explore" will be exactly what the title suggests, an opportunity for this celebrated broadcast journalist to explore compelling topics and individuals who have a fast grip on Jim's attention.

Many, if not most, podcasts are focused on extraordinarily specific topic areas, in fact, that's the advantage of the podcast platform. Are you looking for a podcast on pre-owned catalytic converters? Don't be surprised if you find more than one! But this podcast is 180 degrees the opposite.

Jim feels blessed to have the chance to explore a wide range of topics that interest him: the current combative state of our politics and its threat to our democracy, history, music, especially as written for the Broadway stage, sports and striving for greatness, public health and our desperate need to stay ahead of the next biological calamity, literature, and popular culture.

Jim Gardner talks to former basketball coach Jay Wright about life off the court

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