President-elect Biden lays out agenda, Philadelphians weigh in

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Sunday, November 8, 2020
President-elect Biden lays out agenda, Philadelphians weigh in
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Philadelphians weigh in on President-elect Biden's plan for the road ahead.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As many people in Philadelphia continue to celebrate the election of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, they're also asking what will change during his administration.

For the Black Doctor's COVID-19 consortium, which organized a motorcade starting at the Fern Rock Transportation Center, the pandemic is at the top of their list.

"We are at over 1,000 people being affected every day. Families are losing loved ones. People are having to change their lives. Their lives are being changed forever. We need to get a hold of the coronavirus. It can be done," said Cynthia Taylor.

That is the plan for day one of Joe Biden's administration, implementing a national strategy for fighting Covid-19 and making a plan to distribute a vaccine.

However, that's not the only item on the President-elect's agenda. Some of it will be undoing President Trump's actions, others will be new efforts. For instance, he wants to restore the Voting Rights Act named for the late John Lewis.

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When it comes to immigration, he wants to reinstate DACA, repeal the Muslim ban, and work with congress on a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.

In dealing with climate change and the environment, Biden says he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, an issue important to Brian Ercolani from South Philadelphia, who says he's a Republican who voted for Biden.

"We're going to Wissahickon later so the environment is very big to me. As well as someone with nieces, I wanted to know they have every opportunity that I have to achieve their goals in this world," he said.

Another issue important to many people was how the President plans to heal a country so divided.

"You know I think we need to reunite the country I think there's a lot of broken hearts out there some deep wounds so I want to see some healing, him bringing everyone together," said Megan Bernstein of South Philadelphia.

The President-elect's agenda can be found at