Mantua beauty business owner helping people look their best

MANTUA (WPVI) -- Finally, 2021 is upon us.

And if the new year has you thinking about a new look, Tamala Edwards has a local beauty business owner who can provide that and more.

Pearl Bailey-Anderson has been in the beauty business for more than 30 years. She opened La Pearl Beauty Emporium in 1988 and moved just a few blocks on Lancaster Avenue to their current location in 1996.

"What I offer here is healthy hair treatment, services and products," says Bailey-Anderson.

Bailey-Anderson says she started out doing braiding, but decided to go to beauty and barber school to expand her skills.

"I learned how to press, curl, color, cut, style - everything that you can learn," explains Bailey-Anderson.

Her daughter, Knekeya Payne, joined her full time 20 years ago.

"I really like servicing the client that are in my chair and just making them feel their best," says Payne.

Bailey-Anderson also helps people with hair problems. She became a board-certified trichologist and runs a hair and scalp clinic out of the salon.

"As a trichologist we study hair and scalp disorders. We also treat some and we tell the client who they need to go see," says Bailey-Anderson.

She uses a scope to look at a client's hair shaft. "They may have a hair abnormality," explains Bailey-Anderson.

La Pearl carries a variety of products and Bailey-Anderson has her own line, called 'Everything Green.'

"We actually developed that product just for flaky, itchy scalp," says Bailey-Anderson.

Roberta Jackson is a longtime client at La Pearl Beauty Emporium. "I've been coming here for about 20 years," says Jackson. "They want to educate me about how to care for my hair, so I appreciate that."

Bailey-Anderson says through hair, she hopes to boost the confidence of her clients.

"I'm so proud of her," says Payne. "She's opened our eyes, and our culture's eyes, to areas of health and wellness that we didn't think was necessary for us."

"Honestly, I would do all of it for nothing, because I enjoy it," says Bailey-Anderson. "I love helping people."
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