Doctor helps 2 Delaware Co. sisters deliver babies on same day

WYNNEWOOD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Two sisters both gave birth on the same day with the help of the same doctor at Lankenau Medical Center.

On Monday, February 24, Maureen Lang and her sister, Jaclyn Giannantonio, both from Delaware County, knew they had due dates several weeks apart but never imagined they would be on the same floor delivering on the same day.

Giannantonio's baby boy, Joseph Francis, came first on Monday morning during a scheduled C-section.

Lang came to visit her sister as she was about to head into surgery, then went to get routine blood work downstairs at the hospital.

Doctors did not like what they saw and knew she had to have a C-section immediately.

"We came back and we had her at nine o'clock at night, so 12 hours apart," said Lang.

Then Madison Joan was born and the new moms were put in side-by-side rooms at the hospital in Wynnewood.

Dr. Brooke High, OB/GYN, an Axia Women's Health physician, said when Giannantonio was going in to have her C-section she said to her, "We knew it was going to be close for them, but we never thought on the same day. In fact, with Jackie, I joked with her, why don't we make it a family affair, little did I know I'd be delivering Maureen twelve hours later."

Already the families have been talking about a lifetime of shared birthday parties, possibly going to school together, but first, they do plan to have a shared christening in June.

"Everything with their family, they do everything together, so it was kind of an omen we had that this was going to happen," said Jaclyn's husband, Tom Giannantonio.
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