'I was left for dead': Germantown woman shares terrifying hit and run experience

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- On Sunday, September 27, a 22-year-old woman was struck by a hit and run driver at Belfield Avenue and Church Lane in Germantown.

The victim, Davona Tunnel, is still in the hospital undergoing multiple surgeries.

"You left me for dead," said Tunnel.

Her right leg was hurt badly, and she says she might not be able to walk on it again.

Nearby surveillance video captured the van that hit Tunnel, as she was waiting for a bus outside her Germantown home.

"I wasn't even out there for like five minutes, I was just on my phone listening to my music, and I look up and see a silver van speeding at me," said Tunnel. "They said I flew 40 feet in the air across the street to where my house was."

An off duty officer happened to be there at the time Tunnel was hit and says she's thankful for that.

She also wants justice.

"How could you just leave someone for dead in the street and just keep going? Cause I don't know, you were scared or something? But it's just like... put yourself in my shoes," said Tunnel. "I was just minding my business, and you hit me, and you left me here for dead. I didn't do anything to you."

Police say they have the van, the owner of the van, and the alleged driver.

This is all still under official investigation.
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