Tiger Kang Martial Arts brings honor to a family legacy

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Sunday, September 3, 2023
Award winners and a world champion step to the mat at Tiger Kang!
The Kang family's space for martial arts carries a family legacy in honor of a late husband and father. Tiger Kang Martial Arts bring award winners, a world champion, and family values to the mat!

SEWELL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Award winners and a world champion step to the mat at Tiger Kang Martial Arts!

Tiger Kang Martial Arts is a family business run by Grandmaster Mini Kang and her two children Peter and Nina Kang.

Originally from Korea, Mini Kang was raised in a family of martial artists.

"I've never dreamed my kids are going to do it, but now they do it. I'm so proud of them," said Mini Kang.

With their mother teaching them martial arts growing up, the siblings made their passion a profession. At Tiger Kang, Peter took over as head coach of the grappling team, and Nina took over as executive manager.

"Me and my sister grew up training together under my mom always, and now our roles are to coach the next generation for our students to make all their titles and their dreams come true," said Peter Kang.

Tiger Kang students' dreams are coming true, with first-degree black belt Nik Vangala earning the title of world champion at a recent competition.

"I was always there for him, and I'm so proud of him, and that's one of my biggest achievements," said Peter Kang who worked directly with Vangala.

For the family, Tiger Kang is a way to honor their late husband and father, who was the original head coach of the Jiu Jitsu team.

Tiger Kang is devoted to honoring his legacy through the students who step to the mat to make their dreams come true.

For more information on Tiger Kang, visit their website.