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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Everyone has a story to tell. Matt O'Donnell finds them and brings them to you. Join Matt as he talks to local celebrities, athletes, journalists, activists, political leaders and regular Joes and Janes. Matt's guests are all different people with one common theme: all of them are "True Philadelphia."

Coming in 2019!

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Formerly known as the Travel Mug Podcast. All previous episodes will remain available with this relaunch.

Previous guests of Matt's podcast: Jay Wright, David Raymond, Gabe Kapler, Lauren Hart, Asa Khalif, Elena Delle Donne, Van Halen tribute band Romeo Delight, Michael Chitwood, Mayor Jim Kenney, Charlie Dent, Sharon Pinkenson, Council President Darrell Clarke, Derrick Pitts, Shoshana Vitale, Preston Elliot, Sam Katz, Nancy Karibjanian, Senator Chris Coons, John Dunigan, Geoffrey Baym.

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