Market Watch Reporter Maribel Aber on the True Philadelphia Podcast

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Friday, July 31, 2020

Maribel Aber of CNN Newsource has been providing Action News with early morning financial reports for eight years.

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Typically she reports live from the NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square, New York. She moved her broadcast operation to a home in Florida when the pandemic began to set in and has been there ever since.

Maribel's deep knowledge of Wall Street, business and stocks is apparent. So is her positive, uplifting personality. We had always talked about meeting in-person for a podcast interview.

But since doing Zoom calls has become the norm these days, we decided a virtual interview would suffice. Maribel gives us insight on reporting from her remote location, her background and earlier career dreams, what helped her succeed, her financial advice and making remote learning work better for students, teachers and parents.

Plus, I try a brand new concept (for this podcast, at least): the "Speed Round."

Recorded July 10, 2020. In this podcast: Maribel talks about leaving New York in the spring (2:00).

Setting up her remote broadcast operation (2:28).

Her background and original career plan (4:27).

How she ended up meeting "All My Children" star Susan Lucci and why it meant so much to Maribel's mom (7:00).

The day CNN called with interest in hiring her (.8:26)

How the Tom Hanks movie "Splash" mirrors how Maribel's mom (who is from the Philippines) learned English (8:48).

Maribel's key to early career success (9:30).

What financial advice she would give to a novice (11:20).

Her investment philosophy: buy what you know (12:30).

Why the stock market recovered much of its pandemic losses so quickly (14:30).

What advice she would give people who have struggled financially during the pandemic (17:25).

Her great idea on how to make virtual learning better: making teaching more like a Peloton class (19:40).

Our "Speed Round" starts (22:10).

Maribel's worries about how New York City will emerge from the pandemic (25:15).

"Speed Round" continues.