iPhone lost in South Carolina river found 15 months later still working

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WPVI) -- Cherished memories thought to be lost forever have been found at the bottom of a river in South Carolina.

Erica Bennett's iPhone went overboard while on a rafting trip along the Edisto River on June 19, 2018.

While the phone itself was easily replaced, it was the text messages and pictures of her late father that she feared were gone forever.

Michael Bennett, a YouTube star who goes on dives for treasure, found the iPhone last week. It was in waterproof case ten feet below the surface.

Miraculously, it still worked 15 months later.

Michael put the sim card in a different phone and was able to get the contact information for Erica.

She was shocked that it still worked, and grateful that she still had the memories with her father.

Michael says he enjoys diving because of stories like these.

"I just try to find stuff from the past and things that tell a story," he said.
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