Vice President Pence to Philly police union: 'We will always have your back'

Friday, July 10, 2020
Vice President Pence to Philadelphia FOP Lodge #5: 'We will always have your back'
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Vice President Mike Pence spoke to Philadelphia police officers and their families at a "Back the Blue Rally" at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5.

PHILADELPHIA -- Vice President Mike Pence made several stops in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

After a bus tour in Lancaster, Pence hosted a discussion at Malvern wireless technology firm, Rajant Corporation, where he talked about the economy post-COVID-19.

"We actually believe that not only can we bring this economy back but we think 2021 can be one of the greatest years in the history of the American economy," said Pence during the meeting.

The vice president then made his way to Philadelphia where he spoke to police officers and their families at a "Back the Blue Rally" at the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5.

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Hundreds of residents came to show support for police and Pence.

"They do a job and it's a hard job. One person hurts someone and everyone gets blamed, it's just wrong," said Marylou Corbett.

"I have a few members of my family that are police officers and I'm tired of the way they're being treated," said John Guinter.

Some protesters say Pence and Trump don't represent them and they don't support Black Lives Matter.

"All lives aren't in jeopardy. All lives aren't being killed. All lives aren't being incarcerated. All lives aren't severely impoverished," said Nasir Bell.

Mike Doyle said, "I know a lot of people do support the police and I respect that. But they also can support Black Lives Matter."

Presidents Donald Trump and Vice President Pence have been big supporters of the police as demonstrations of police reform have spread across the country.

"You all prove the lengths to which law enforcement is willing to go to protect others. On behalf of President Trump and our entire administration, I'll make you a promise. We will always have your back," Pence said.

Pence says the police and the community can coexist.

"We also don't need to choose between supporting our police and supporting African American families. We have done both and will do both and will keep doing both every day."

FULL VIDEO: Watch Pence's full remarks to the FOP Lodge #5 below: