Despite the pandemic, millennial entrepreneurs are thriving in Philly's new 'Kreate Hub'

ByEric Moody WPVI logo
Thursday, October 29, 2020
Millennials are thriving in Philly's new 'Kreate Hub'
The long-vacant Thomas Powers School in the city's Port Richmond section is now a home for creatives to grow their ventures. - Eric Moody reports:

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The long-vacant Thomas Powers School in the city's Port Richmond section is now a home for creatives to grow their ventures.

While the COVID-19 pandemic delayed last spring's original grand opening, Kreate Hub's newest location is up and thriving for young millennials.

Kreate Hub is an affordable, quality workspace providing 24/7 access for emerging artists, makers, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

With space units in New York City, Kreate Hub looks to expand its reach into the City of Brotherly Love.

"Kreate Hub, their business model, is to find buildings that they can afford, and turn them into these very creative buildings that will help revitalize a whole neighborhood," said Iva Kelman, curator for Kreate Hub Philly.

Kelman says the building is already home to many enterprises that are thriving despite the stresses the pandemic has brought on many small businesses.

She also believes the hub has a unique culture that's like a family and inspires her each day she comes to work.

"What's so incredible about this location, this Kreate Hub in Port Richmond Philadelphia is that we have attracted the most exciting, talented, bright, driven, and enthusiastic business people," added Kelman. "They're so young in a pandemic, and these young people are in here renting studios and running businesses."

Amyronn DesVignes-Pope who is the owner of Allsides Design says overall it has been a great experience for him as a young creator.

"As a millennial, I look at it as we're in a makers movement," said DesVignes-Pope. "In order to get to where we need to be, you see Sci-Fi movies, 'how are we going to get there?' There has to be a lot of inventors, who are stepping outside of the box to create these products."

Synkahiya Akbar, the owner of Posh & Pampered Aesthetics, says she's thrilled to be able to network with other young entrepreneurs at the hub.

"I founded Posh & Pampered Aesthetics in September of 2020 this year, during a pandemic which wasn't easy," said Akbar. "I was referred to the Kreate Hub by a friend. The Kreate Hub when I got here, I knew it was the place for me."

Larry Best is the owner of Archives Society, which is a clothing brand tied into old history inspired fashion and says he found the Kreate Hub on Instagram as he was actively searching for a space to grow his vision.

"Everything is always secured, you have security, and everyone is like a big family," said Best. "Everybody helps each other."

Akbar says the future looks bright for the creators at the hub.

"It's a lot of diversity here and a lot of good things," said Akbar. "I look forward to being in this community because we are, in fact, a community."