School bus driver kicks kids off bus after exchange of racial slurs

Newly released video shows just what happened in the moments before a Minnesota school bus driver booted students off his bus, in the middle of an industrial park.

It appears the trouble started even before the bus left the parking lot.

The driver, David Miller, exchanged words with several students, including one who was so unruly a school resource officer had to pull him off the bus.

After the ride started, children began to taunt Miller about his career choice, and yell curse words and racial slurs at him.

"You shut your mouth right now or you're gonna walk right now. You're walking, I don't care if you get off the bus or not," said Miller.

He warned them to watch their language, but they didn't stop.

So Miller yelled slurs right back, and then threatened to kick them off the bus.

After that warning, Miller did, in fact, kick 20 kids off the bus.

He has apologized for using the slur.

He's been fired from his job.