Morning Moms: The Szostek family just keeps rolling

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Tuesday, November 3, 2020
Morning Moms: Szostek family
Morning Moms: Szostek family

The Szostek family of Eagleville just keeps rolling.

They have to, in order to juggle work and responsibilities and keep up with almost two-year-old Abby

"She is the light of our life- the love of our life," gushed dad Dan Szostek.

While Vicki Szostek works early shifts remotely for a company in Ireland, Dan focuses on Abby.

"Owner and operator of 'DannyZ Daycare'," he laughed.

Abby has Down Syndrome and needs six different types of therapy, which due to the pandemic, are all virtual.

"Once we realized we were home and not going in for therapy, I was like we have to try to recreate that for her somehow," Vicki explained.

So Vicki, under the guidance of physical therapists, used two barstools, duct tape and Danny's five-iron to fashion around a treadmill.

Every morning after breakfast, Abby gets dressed and ready to walk.

Her physical therapists call in, and dad pops on Sesame Street and spots Abby.

"She's doing great!" exclaimed physical therapist Ellen Casey.

Abby is a CHOP Buddy Walk Champion, and while October's celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month turned virtual, she keeps moving.

And Abby keeps her family moving with her smiles, her steps and a whole lot of bubbles.

"Discovering the world through her eyes has been a phenomenal adventure for Vicki and I," Dan said.

Vicki added, "There were a lot of questions in the beginning, and she's just broken through all those questions and made us stop questioning."

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