National Blueberry Month: NJ farm highlights production for 80% of the state's blueberries

HAMMONTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- July is National Blueberry Month, and Action News celebrated by visiting the blueberry capital of the world.

The Hammonton, New Jersey area is home to 56 blueberry farms, including Mento Blueberry Farm, owned by the Mento family.

A total of 80% of all the state's blueberries come from Hammonton.

The Mentos and their kids were happy to give Action News a look at where delicious blueberries are grown and the way they are packaged.

"Today, we live in a society that's so far removed from the food chain," said Sam Mento of Mento Blueberry Farm. "It's great to have you guys out here so we can show people where blueberries come from, and it's a little bit more than just going to the convenience store and grabbing a pint."

New Jersey produces 40 to 50 million pounds of blueberries annually, accounting for $70 million in revenue.

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