NJ couple surprised with 50th anniversary billboard on I-95

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Friday, September 8, 2023
NJ couple surprised with 50th anniversary billboard on I-95
Dennis and Betty Field received a larger-than-life gift to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary: a billboard on I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia.

NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "A film about 50 years of love, laughter, and what it means to be a family," is the message written across a billboard on I-95 in Northeast Philadelphia.

While not advertising a real movie, the billboard is actually meant to celebrate Dennis and Betty Field. The couple, who lives in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today.

"We're very lucky. We had four children, and now eight grandchildren," said Betty Field. "And lots of crazy nieces and nephews that do wacky things like put up a billboard."

The idea originated within a group text back in March of this year. Children, nieces, and nephews all pitched in to make a design and purchase a slot on a rotating digital billboard for one week.

"My mom does a lot of extra work for film and TV where she's you know, in the background and what have you," said their first-born, Kimberly Jacobs. "And so, that's part of why the billboard has kind of a film theme to it."

Jacobs, along with her siblings and cousins, wanted to repay a bit of the laughter and love that the Fields have shared with them over the years.

In addition to the billboard, family members are flying in from Florida and beyond to celebrate at a party with more than 100 attendees.

And in addition to his thanks, Dennis Field hopes to impart a few words of wisdom to them.

"What do you say to your bride after 50 years? Just one sentence, but it sums up everything," he said. "We become what we love and who we love is who we become."

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