State officials inspect arcades along Jersey Shore

Thursday, June 29, 2017
State officials inspect arcades along Jersey Shore
State officials inspect arcades along Jersey Shore. Nora Muchanic reports during Action news at 6 p.m. on June 28, 2017.

State officials have begun an initiative to inspect arcades along the boardwalks up and down the Jersey Shore.

"I think they're fixed. I think you continue playing and playing and that's how they get your money," Joe Bielski of Millburn, New Jersey.

The State Department of Consumer Affairs is kicking off its safe summer initiative inspecting the boardwalk businesses and games of chance to ensure they're on the up and up.

"In New Jersey you're supposed to actually have a chance to win that's that the law so what we're doing is making sure consumers actually have a chance to win," NJ Consumer Affairs Director Steve Lee said.

"It's over a $40 billion industry in terms of all that goes on at the Jersey shore and we want to make people feel like they can trust the folks there playing games with here," NJ Attorney General Christopher Porrino said.

Inspectors know exactly what to look for. Are the nets on the basketball toss level? Are the hoops big enough and is the ball inflated properly? It's supposed to be between 7 and 9 pounds of pressure.

"We've had especially at some county fairs they are in the 20s, so they are bouncing to the moon and back," said investigator Bruce Hurlbert.

And those claws-- does anyone ever really get the prize?

"My son and I spent $50 trying to get one of the stuffed animals. All I could think of is I could've bought it for $20," Karen Hudgeons of Doylestown, Pa. said.

"We are testing to make sure that the voltage strength of the crane, the claw its self can pick up the capsule that has the prize in it," said investigator Joe Chessere.

State inspectors have also been checking out amusement rides making sure they are safe for the kids. The initial sweep in Ocean County came up with 38 violations. Fines go up to $250.

Chief Investigator Carl Reidel said, "From time to time we get complaints and when the complaints come in we go in we do an actual investigation of what those issues are."

Inspectors will be making unannounced visits up and down the boardwalks at the Jersey shore throughout the summer to make sure when you put your money down, you really do you have a chance to win.


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