2 NJ students stop school bus after driver has medical emergency

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. -- Two students were able to bring their school bus to a stop on Wednesday morning after their driver apparently suffered a medical emergency.

The bus carrying students from North Plainfield was headed to the Somerset County Vocational and Technical school in Bridgewater when several students realized the driver had missed the turnoff to the school from Route 22 West.

The bus continued on the highway, swerving until it finally slowed at a red light about 2 miles past the campus.

Gavin Costello, 15, and Angelo Medina, 18, then approached the driver and noticed he seemed disoriented. Costello was able to put the bus in park, while Medina got the driver's keys and called 911.

"When he missed the exit, I jumped up front and started giving him directions," said Costello, a freshman in the school's welding program. "He wouldn't look up. He kept looking down and looking around. He couldn't talk at all. I knew we would have to get him off the wheel."

Costello said everyone aboard the bus stayed calm as he and Medina stopped the bus. It wasn't immediately clear how many students were on the bus, but authorities say no children were harmed in the incident.

The driver was taken to a hospital. However, his name and further details on his condition were not disclosed.

It wasn't immediately known how many children were on the bus.