Upcoming storms, rain could set back tornado clean-up efforts in New Jersey

"We're hoping this is it with the tornados. This is enough already," said one NJ resident.

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Thursday, April 6, 2023
Upcoming storms, rain could setback tornado clean-up efforts in New Jersey
Upcoming storms, rain could setback tornado clean-up efforts in New Jersey

CINNAMINSON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- As the region prepares for more late-night storms Thursday, neighborhoods in New Jersey continue to clean up after Saturday's tornadoes.

These upcoming storms and heavy rain could set back recovery efforts in Burlington County, officials say.

"We're hoping this is it with the tornadoes. This is enough already. The whole country has had so many. Terrible," said Carol Fitzpatrick of Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

This is now the fifth day since a tornado touched down in Cinnaminson. The EF-1 tornado was one of nine to hit our region on Saturday. Seven of those twisters struck New Jersey.

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Forecasters say the EF-1 tornado touched down about seven miles west-northwest of Mays Landing with peak winds at 100 mph.

Piles of debris remain curbside, waiting for pickup as residents recoup.

"We consider ourselves lucky and blessed to make it out. That's the most important thing," said Trevor Loveland of Cinnaminson. "You don't think of a tornado in New Jersey. We were really blessed."

Newlyweds Amanda and Trevor Loveland were less fortunate, as their home was more severely damaged by the tornado.

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A home that was built in 1914 on Tuckers Road in Greenwood felt the brunt of the storm. It's also where 79-year-old Daniel Bawel died, according to family members.

Seven trees fell around their property and into their home on Winding Lane.

Their backyard, where they were surrounded by huge trees and family just eight months ago for their wedding, is now bare.

They are working to find out when they can return home.

"All of that happened within about five minutes because we got the notification. From the time we got the notification to the time we called our neighbors to make sure they were ok, it was five minutes on our phone," said Trevor Loveland.

Not far away on Hartford Road in Moorestown, New Jersey, clean up and recovery is at a critical and fragile point as streets are cleared and power is restored.

More rain is neither needed nor welcome.

Ernie McGill, the mayor of Cinnaminson Township, provided this statement to Action News about cleanup:

"The swift and coordinated response to the significant weather event which directly impacted Cinnaminson Township last Saturday night underscores the resilience of the Cinnaminson community. Our Office of Emergency Management, which includes our Police and Public Works Departments, as well as the Cinnaminson Fire District, engaged with a variety of agencies and utility companies to assist our residents with addressing any issues associated with the storm. In particular, PSE&G immediately mobilized operations and were extremely responsive to our administration and emergency responders in providing updates regarding power outages and road closures.

Our Public Works Department has been addressing impacted trees, assessing potentially hazardous trees and collecting brush. As many residents will have a number of items in need of disposal, we encourage residents to contact the Public Works Department by phone at (856) 829-6703 or visit the Cinnaminson Township website at www.cinnaminsonnj.org for additional information.

In the event of an issue which requires immediate attention, residents are encouraged to contact either 9-1-1 or the Police Department non-emergency phone number at (856) 829-6666.

On behalf of the entire Cinnaminson Township Committee, I want to thank all of our employees and first responders for their extraordinary efforts as well as our residents for their continued patience and understanding as we work through any adversity and remain one unified community. We are Cinnaminson Strong."