Ranking the snobbiest cities in America

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Friday, October 17, 2014
1. New York
2. Miami
3. Los Angeles
4. Washington, D.C.
5. Boston
6. Tampa, Florida
7. Dallas
8. San Francisco
9. Salt Lake City
10. Providence, Rhode Island
11. Atlanta
12. Kansas City
13. Las Vegas
14. Charleston, South Carolina
15. Phoenix
16. San Diego
17. Chicago
18. Houston
19. Seattle
20. Orlando, Florida
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Ranking the snobbiest cities in America 1. New York
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Ever wonder where people hold their noses highest in the air?

Travel + Leisure recently published a list of the 20 snobbiest cities in America. Their results were based on findings from America's Favorite Places survey, where readers evaluated 38 metropolitan locations on a variety of factors, including cleanliness, availability of museums, snobbiness of people who live there. The survey found the top three snobbiest cities in the U.S. to be New York, Miami, and Los Angeles, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering the massive amount of wealth and nightlife available in those cities.

But some interesting finds from the list are cities Tampa, Florida and Salt Lake City placing in the top 10. Las Vegas, a city known for lavish spending, placed 13 in the rankings, shortly behind Kansas City and Providence, Rhode Island. Two major Texas cities, Dallas and Houston, placed on the top 20. Chicago, the third largest city by population, placed at 17 on the list.

Check out the gallery above for the full rankings. What cities do you think should or should not be on the list?