76ers fire back after presidential candidate's insult

Friday, October 23, 2015

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich threw some shade at the Philadelphia 76ers this morning, and the team didn't skip a beat firing back on Twitter minutes later.

Speaking today a small town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire, Kasich said he ran into the basketball team at his hotel this morning.

"How did I know who they were?" he said. "They were really tall, okay."

He told the business-focused crowd about the importance of job skills, then jokingly added that the 76ers haven't had too many skills of their own lately.

"The reason why some of them make a lot of money is because they have skills," he said. "Not too many Sixers have had that many skills lately, but they do."

After ABC News tweeted about it, the 76ers shot back on Twitter: "At least we win more than 2% of the time."

Apparently, the 76ers follow the news: Kasich's not performing too well in polls these days.

The 76ers subsequently deleted their tweet and did not respond to an email from ABC News requesting comment.

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