Breast feeding mom doesn't let half-marathon slow her down

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah -- A runner wouldn't let a half-marathon get in the way of making sure her child was fed. She pulled out a breast pump and went to work during the race.

Mom Anna Young told station KSTU, "I was really nervous and I felt really embarrassed because I was running with kind of a camel back and I had a pump in it."

This photo captures Young at Mile 8 on the course of the Revel Big Cottonwood Canyon Marathon last Saturday.

Young said, "I kind of stopped and there weren't a lot of people around me so I pulled the pump out and kept walking and pumped while I was going."

When she became a mom, Young knew she'd get good at multitasking. For five minutes, she proved she had mastered the art. Young was pumping and running.

She said, "I decided to keep walking and moving with the flow and more and more people started passing me, I wasn't sure anyone could tell what I was doing because they were coming from behind."

Young says at least one fellow runner cheered her on.

She said, "I had one lady turn around and kind of look at me and say 'way to go, good job' because she knew exactly what I was doing."

After pumping, Young took off at full speed, completing the 13.2 miles. She crossed the finish line to find her baby. Little did Young know thousands would continue to cheer her on after she posted her story to Facebook.
Young said, "Whether I run fast or slow I'm going to have a good story and I never realized it would turn into such a big story so many people would share and take a part of."

Young says she shared her story because she wants to encourage other moms.

She explained, "For me it's an accomplishment, we are still breast feeding because there was a point I didn't think we would be able to or we had just to give up."

Her hope is to empower moms to not be afraid to nurse in public.

She said, "I guess my message behind it, is you can still do the things you love after you're a mother and you can still breastfeed your children and you can do these things your passionate about."