2 more Philadelphia-area nonprofits receive $20,000 gift through NRG Gives

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As we well know, 2020 has been brutal for small businesses and families alike. Often, though, nonprofits have been overlooked, as they, too, have had a difficult time raising money for their causes.

But fortune has turned for two charities, thanks to the power generation company NRG.

Maria Bentin and Gina Anetakis are volunteers with Project Sweet Pea.

"We are a national nonprofit that empowers and supports families of babies with fragile infants, and we inspire hope through remembrance for families who experience pregnancy or an infant loss," said Bentin.

"Being in the NICU is a little bit of an isolating experience because a lot of people just expect you're going to have a baby and get to go home with your baby, and when you don't, you kind of feel a little isolated and lonely," said Anetakis.

Catsy Pemberton is the executive director at Peter's Place, a grieving center located in Delaware County for children and families that offers free peer support groups to those suffering from grief, caused by death, as well as other significant losses.

"Not only the loss of somebody important in their lives, but also the non-death loss, the loss of the ceremonies, the loss of routines, the fear of the loss of possibly a parent, or losing a job," said Pemberton. "There is grief that is redefined besides just losing somebody physically to death."

"And part of that mission and guiding principle is that no child should ever have to grieve alone and that's what drives us," added Pemberton.

Both of these non-profit organizations were recipients of a $20,000 gift from NRG, and their yearly initiative, NRG Gives. This year, the company awarded five non-profits with a $20,000 grant.

"Grief is a very challenging thing to talk about and it makes people feel very uncomfortable, yet is so critical and helping our youth and our children manage through the grief process," said Pemberton. "It makes a huge impact on helping us sustain our mission."

"We can go out and buy more gift cards and gas and food gift cards to help those families who are having a hard time getting to the hospital or getting a meal. It's just an extra boost that we can extend our programs and do so much more for the families," said Bentin.
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