Fliers with backwards swastikas sent to several Mullica Hill, New Jersey homes

MULLICA HILL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Police and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force are investigating after at least four people in Mullica Hill, New Jersey received a flyer in the mail with a backwards swastika.

The fliers say, "Vote for Trump," "We got your back," and has a backwards swastika. The fliers say they are from the "Mullica Hill Militia."

"The racist, anti-Semitic content is not acceptable and offensive," said a spokesperson with the Harrison Township Police Department.

Resident Carl Hedenberg received the flier in the mail on Thursday. He said the envelope was addressed to "Friends and neighbors on the front" and initially thought it was friendly.

When he saw the flier and its contents he said, "I was amused because it was backwards, which is something that a kid would do."

Hedenberg said he believes he may have received the flier because he has Trump signs in his yard. His neighbors, who also received the flier, have Trump signs in their front yard.

"It's not really surprising with everything that's going on today and I think there's a lot of people who are excited about the election coming up and have a lot of different feelings, mixed feelings," said Hedenberg.

Some neighbors who didn't receive the flier said they are disturbed it was distributed on their street in the first place.

"That's what's so unnerving about it," said Fennis Shaw of Mullica Hill. "It's such a quiet community. I've lived here over 25 years and have never heard anything like that happening around here."

Harrison Township Police said they are investigating and tracing the phone number associated with the flyer.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Detective Sergeant Adam McEvoy at 856-478-6839x1616 or amcevoy@htwpd.us.
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