Basketball announcer fired after calling opposing team's names 'pretty disgusting'

An Oklahoma school district is apologizing after its long-time sports announcer called the names of the opposing team "pretty disgusting".

The incident occurred at a big district girls basketball game.

The quick remark quickly went viral with critics calling the announcer racist.

The girls said they really didn't have a lot of time to process what happened before it was time to play.

"I was just trying to make sure my teammates were okay. Because I knew, I could tell they were affected by how that was said," says Iyana Freeman from the Crooked Oak High School basketball team.

"I was actually kind of scared on the court. I was like watching every move that I did," says player Jaiana Wiggins.

The announcer has not been identified, but he is said to be a beloved member of the high school community.

His defenders say this was a mistake, that he didn't realize he had said disgusting. He thought he said difficult.

The announcer was removed at halftime.

The district apologized to the visiting team, but the girls' parents say they'd like a more personal apology.
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